Eventually another buyer materialised in Devon and once again arrangements were made for my removal to Shetland. There were additional problems to surmount due to the fact that my cottage in Devon was accessible only by means of narrow single track lanes which are too small to take large lorries. With great ingenuity, Reids organised everything so that there was a small lorry on hand to ferry my furniture and boxes up to the large Removals lorry for which I managed to organise parking at a barn about a mile from the cottage. On the allotted afternoon, three men arrived in the small lorry and started packing up my belongings. The way those three men came into my tiny cottage and swiftly and efficiently packed all my things (and there was a mountain to move) was nothing sort of miraculous! They were extremely polite and unobtrusive and nothing was too much trouble. Within 36 hours, everything was wrapped carefully and packed; the furniture was handled with great skill and carefully manipulated under low ceilings and through narrow doorways.

At the other end in Shetland, all my belongings were carried quickly into my new house and placed exactly where I wanted them. On opening the boxes over the next few days, I discovered, to my joy, that not one item had been damaged or broken.

I cannot speak too highly of everyone at Reid's Removals, especially Norna who organised everything. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.

Cecilia James